Every fantastic story ends with a bang of an ending. An unexpected twist of events that leaves you sitting in your movie seat and/or closing that back page novel cover with just nothing but a— “wow.”

Leaving the viewer or reader speechless and mulling over the whole plot, characters and story line.

The movie once over guy (with that deep dark once over movie voice) enters this scene and booms: “It was an incredible journey and the sequence of events swept you off your feet into a new millennium.”

Ok, yes, a little dramatic. But you get the point.

I am deciding right now that I want my life to be that movie. I want to be that hero that travels to and from distant lands. I want to be brow beat, starved, near dehydration, and then by a lucky twist of fate (or with that ink writer’s pen) I want to encounter my inner strength and find my inspiration.

This will be the part where I grit my teeth, I find my switch blade, lock and load my 9mm and then I kick some real evil ass. I get through all the sniper bullets, do that high speed chase, I get that briefcase full of cash while dressed in that sequined evening gown and spiked high heels saving Brad Pitt from Angelina Jolie.

Ok. You get the point.

I want the money, the airplane, the car, the yacht, the penning of that New York Times Best seller, and I want that real man.

I want it all whatever all is. I want to feel it all. Whatever those feelings may be. Today I want to live and really feel it.

I want to feel it like a raw cut or see it like a deep dark, yellow and green bruise.

This is my changing of that T.V. channel. This is my real life adventure mini series.

Friday we head out again. Amy says I am an escape artist and this is my way of not addressing my real inner evil demons. My way of shirking off my brokenheartedness, failures and inner guilt.

Amy is absolutely right.

I will swirl coke in my whiskey and I will drink to that.

It is what it is. For now this is the best I can do. So the plan is we load up Friday and we are going to the Grand Canyon. I am going to hike it again. I know I am going to see that blanket of white stars. I am going to see those colors in the cliffs. I am going to smell that Arizona pine. I will see deer the color of green and brown. I will meet people from France, those gorgeous crazy Aussie Guys, and yes those photo taking Japanese. I am going to sleep on the ground with no tent or blanket. I am going to get real nasty dirty. I am going to feel real physical pain on the hike out. I am going to see real beauty. I am going to see that Colorado river and smell that water.

The car ride there will be a heaven and a hell. Thirty or more hours of real family bonding driving that 2003, stick shift, Toyota. We will find out more about ourselves. We will take pictures. I am going to love every minute of it.

We are going out in the world to just be in it.