You amaze me.  You have so much energy, and your heart seems to have an infinite capacity for kindness.  You are not cruel.  You are funny and sentimental.  Sometimes the words bubble out of you and sometimes they weave around each other in your head, making themselves known only to you.


You encourage me to follow my dreams.  You inspire me to be a better person.  Your thoughtfulness makes me both grateful and self-reflective.  You are changing the world – one person or project at a time.  You go out of your way to make others feel welcome. Your actions are meant to make the people around you feel better.  You would never intentionally do anything to make someone else feel like less.  You are always looking for ways to improve.


I want so much for you.  I want you to chase your dreams and accomplish your goals.  I want you to have love and joy that last forever.  I want you to have peace of mind and gladness of heart.  I want you to have balance.  I want you to find friends who are just like you.


I want to be part of your life.  I am thankful that you are part of mine.  You add so much to me.


I can write this same message to each of you because if it were not true I would not call you friend.  I have learned that some people will pull you down forever, and you can’t always save them or pull them up with you.  I have learned that sometimes you have to be selfish about your time and your energy.  I have learned that my choices about who gets to be a part of my life affect my energy and my own ability to give to the people around me.


I choose you because you make me a better person.  I hope you choose me for the same reason, but it doesn’t matter.  There will always be room in my heart for you.