Arbitrary deadlines move me forward, but they mean nothing.  By themselves they change nothing.


But they give me hope.  They quell my anxiety and make me feel constructive.  I have composed and imposed them so many times.  But lately I haven’t been able to form them.  I haven’t used them to move forward.


But it’s okay.


The last two years of sitting on the sidelines and ignoring my inner demands for productivity have led me to greater discoveries than I ever could have made just by pushing forward.


I had to stop and let my thoughts catch up.


My inner sureness is back, and it doesn’t come from the knowledge that somewhere out there a man loves me.  It comes from the knowledge that I love me.


I have a peacefulness I haven’t had – maybe ever.


I feel more comfortable trusting my intuition and leading with me, instead of someone else’s voice.


I don’t know where I’m going. But I know I’m okay. And I will be okay.


And everything will be okay


There will be joy.

There will be sorrow.

There will be change.

There will be stability.


Through it all, I will be