As of today, at 10:31pm August 22, 2011, I, Dani Rice, will not buy brand new clothes for a year……Unless, I lose 25pounds.  I feel that it is only fair to myself and gives me an incentive to stay on the right track.  Okay, for every 20….no, 15 pounds I lose, I can buy new clothes.  There.  That’s it.  That’s my statement for the evening.  This, my friends, is my new, just over the middle of the year resolution.  Until August 21st of 2012 we will see how much I live up to it.


I, like Amy, am trying to pave my way to a new, healthier, fitter me.  I feel pretty good about it, too, however, last week I pulled my calf muscle twice and was told by the doctor to give my sprained muscle some rest.  The truth is I want some damn fried chicken!!!  Crispy, greasy, spicy, saucy chicken legs with some blue cheese dressing, and a mississippi mud pie.  I want some southern cooking Paula Dean style with butter and lard drenched cinnamin rolls for breakfast and desert.


I did have a bag…an entire bag of Lindt Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Balls all to myself Saturday and it was amazing.  I truly believe that God had a couple bunnies….Easter bunnies, that shat out amazing round turds that were beautifully wrapped and packaged in darling, easy-to-tote bags just so I can carry them around and eat every one of those amazing bunny droplets just for my heart’s content.  This is real proof that not only does God exist, but also really loves me.  My personal trainer would say otherwise, and it was clear to him today to see me so bloated.  I wish I had lied about the delicious bunny droppings but I owned up to it and my arms paid for it in result.


Needless to say, I enjoy buying brand new clothes, and I have a very small handful of shop that I really like to go to when my desires need to be met.   I have come to the realization I have spent way too much money on clothes this year alone and I have enough that really could last me a year without having to spend more money.  So, in what I am hoping to knock out in one stone is to not buy clothes until I hit a 15 pound goal.  After 15 pounds is lost, I can buy myself one entire outfit..accessories included, until I hit my goal weight, in which I would definitely need to be rewarded with 3 brand new outfits.  This gives me at least 6 brand new outfits.  I find this to be worthy realistic goals I can set for myself that I can achieve.


I just wish my calf could heal sooner.  😉